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monitor your screens with xrandr

What’s xrandr ? Xrand is a command that can be use to configure a screen resolution as well as many other parameters of a screen To use xrand open a ¬†shell and type

you should see the actual configuration of your screen(s) to rotate them you can use this command

(*note: SCREEN1 is […]

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How to know my public ip address with bash

this is a little bash script to know your public ip address

That’s it.

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rsync To Upload/Download To/From your NAS over SSH

This trick can help you to save data over your network. first create a ssh certificate on both computers ( server (nas) + your computer ) export it to the the server Run the small script below

To run the script, use the right arguments :

And that’s it.

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E-mail SSH Connections

This solution applies if you want to receive an e-mail when one connects to your server via SSH. open a command line and type in :

at the end of the file add the following command :

When one will now connect to your server, you will receive an advertisement e-mail.

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