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Code Coloration with VIM on OS X

This will help you to enable the colors in VIM on MAC : Simply follow this line :

Now you should have a VIM with colors enabled when writing code.

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Who’s connected ?

To know who’s connected on your computer use the following commands : Commands : who : show the connected users : Linux/Mac last : show last connexion (passed ) : Linux / Mac lastb : show last connexion (failed) : Linux These files may also contain clues :

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Eject a dvd in command lines

A simple command to eject a DVD/ CD from the command line. To eject the DVD :

To close de drive :

That’s it.

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monitor your screens with xrandr

What’s xrandr ? Xrand is a command that can be use to configure a screen resolution as well as many other parameters of a screen To use xrand open a ¬†shell and type

you should see the actual configuration of your screen(s) to rotate them you can use this command

(*note: SCREEN1 is […]

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How to know my public ip address with bash

this is a little bash script to know your public ip address

That’s it.

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